Rock Paper Scissors

would like to help you maximize your fundraising opportunities
by offering a great new way to fundraise!

We all know and appreciate the emphasis placed on healthy eating. RPS now
offers a great new way to eat healthy, have fun and raise money.

Our objective here at RPS is simple – to offer schools, clubs and other
organisations looking to fundraise, an efficient, easily run and profitable
fundraising alternative.

Our gourmet signature cones and great value kids meals offer something for
everyone therefore maximizing fundraising opportunities:

How does our fundraising work?

          1. Contact RPS at any of their outlets or through our website, speak to the franchisee or manager and register for your fundraiser. We will then walk you through the process & supply you with all the forms required.
          2. You distribute the fundraising forms to your army of volunteers.
          3. Go all out & sell as many orders as possible.
          4. You advise RPS of your final order numbers & choose a date for collection of your vouchers.
          5. Collection day arrives – RPS issues you with vouchers for all the orders.
          6. You distribute the vouchers to all those who ordered.
          7. They come into any Rock Paper Scissors outlet anywhere, any time it suits them to redeem their voucher for their delicious Gourmet Signature Cone or kids meal.

How much will you make?

You collect $9.50 for each gourmet signature cone order,
only paying RPS $6.00 for each voucher,
allowing you to keep remaining $3.50.

100 orders = $350

Let’s say there is 400 in your club/school, each person sells 10
serves of delicious RPS gourmet signature cones, that equates to
$14000 straight to your fundraiser!

No more lugging pies around, no more coconut from
your lamingtons embedding itself in your car seats and no more melting
chocolates that you end up buying yourself!

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